Government Plans To Turn Foreclosed Homes In Rentals

The Latest Brain Child from Washington? Let’s Turn Foreclosures Into Rental Property. When Did We Shift From A Nation Of HomeOwners To Nation Of Renters? Just another misguided idea to deal with the housing crisis from Your Favorite Uncle, Same. Bought and Paid For…By You The Tax Payer. Check It Out Below.


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  1. Nancy says:


    When are you going to get politically involved? I am taking this issue to Marco Rubio. Working with his aid on several things, this is one of them.

  2. I am invovled. I will be at the FAIR Rally Tommorow! FAIR is the Florida Association for Insurance Reform. David Welch the regional director has organized the event. I have also been asked to speak there. I hope you can make it to either the Hernando or Pasco Locations or both. Here is the details courtesy of David Welch.

    “FAIR NEWS RALLY: Tuesday, 16th, 10am at Holiday Inn Express, 1412 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville. Speakers to include Senator Fasano, Rep Schenck, activist + former commissioner Rose Rocco, and Lawrence Sanek with Castle Dream Real Estate. Waiting on a few others. Follow us and Rose at 3:30 by carpool or bus to the gov’t center in Pasco for a street rally with Sen Fasano from 4-6pm.”

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