Monthly Archives: April 2011

Another Satisfied Client

Hi Patrick, My wife and I want to thank you very much for selling our house so quickly. You sold our house in a matter of 1 week – unbelievable what you did! You also show us (dot points) how to sell quickly, and get the best possible deal during a very sad decline economy. […]

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Short Sales

According to RealtyTrac, a short sale “is literally the sale of a home for less money than is currently owed the lender on the outstanding mortgage being foreclosed on. In other words the home is ‘upside down’ from a financial aspect. Therefore, the catch is that in order to successfully conduct a short sale, the […]

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Short Sales Selling and Buying

The real estate market is going through alot of turbulance. Spring Hill Florida┬áis one of the towns that has many short sales on the market place and will continue to get even larger. Short sales are when sellers owe more money than the property is worth to the bank or lender. The seller has a […]

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